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CLEAN 19 Antiseptic Band
  • Product Name: CLEAN 19 Antiseptic Band
  • Project Category: Antiseptic Bands
  • Project Date: 2020
  • Made In: Turkey

Antiseptic Band

It is an innovative idea in a time of necessity that provides you with the sterilization fluid is carried continuously on the wrist as the watch uses.

Our goal of this product is to put an effective sterilization gel to eliminate Viruses, germs and harmful microbes and protect you continuously.
This product is characterized by ease of use and unique innovative design of Its type finding the right solution for the ease of carrying sterilization materials.

Thus it is considered suitable for medical purposes characterized by rubber Silicon and has the advantage of flexible resistance and high resistance against rupture, yellowing and anti-yellowing properties, as well, due to the solid formation between its atoms, it does not carry pores. Consequently, it is not permitted to create a microbial environment on its surface.

The band sterilizes hands and eliminates 99% of most pathogens, even viral ones and keeps hands soft. Furthermore,  It does not cause itching or allergy and it can be used for all family members.
In addition to the pine oil with a distinct smell and high ability to sterilize.

There is a scientific study published in the Journal of Nanotechnology as an American in 2005 by researchers from the universities of Texas and Mexico and Trichetinian confirming that the nano-silver at the scale of 1-10 nanometers is able to eliminate one of the most dangerous viruses ever.
According to the aforementioned research, nano-silver has eliminated 100% of HIV viruses, and HIV-1
Only 3 hours from the start of the experiment at a temperature of 37 ° C, that is, the temperature of the human body. Thus, the report informed that Nano Silver could become the alternative treatment for extremely dangerous epidemics that threaten the world's population as a whole, such as bird flu, and such scientific breakthroughs did not take the media coverage they deserve because that may conflict with the gains of major global drug manufacturers.


The actual capacity of the product is 60 mg divided into three tablets as shown in the drawing. The product is delivered to the consumer in the form of a plastic box, in which the bracelet is placed with three capsules.

Also available as switch capsules without the bracelet, also placed inside a plastic box with a capacity of 60 mg divided into three capsules as well.


  • Made of treated medical silicone rubber
  • Two-component Palette.
  • 10993 ISO, 2000-10.16886 GB/T, 2003-5.16886 GB/T 
  • High resistance against rupture
  • Fortified with Nano Silver, it eliminates 99% of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases
  • Keeps hands soft
CLEAN 19 Antiseptic Band